Upcoming Fixtures / Results

Upcoming Fixtures / Results

Gallagher Challenge Cup #ncugcc
15th June
Instonians beat North Down by 49 runs
Lisburn beat Derriaghy by 8 wickets
Muckamore beat CSNI by 8 runs
Woodvale beat Waringstown by 5 runs (DLS)

Section 1 #ncus1
15th June
Cregagh beat Laurelvale by 146 runs
Donacloney Mill beat Armagh by 88 runs (DLS)
Lurgan beat Ballymena by 4 wickets
Drumaness Superkings v Templepatrick – OFF

Section 2 #ncus2
15th June
Ardent Blues beat Victoria by 132 runs
Ards & Donaghadee beat BISC v by 17 runs (DLS)
Bangor beat Cooke Collegians by by 3 wickets
Downpatrick beat Saintfield by 9 wickets
Dundrum beat Holywood 1881 by 5 wickets
Larne beat BMACC by 90 runs

16th June
Belfast Superkings v Dunmurry – Postponed

Junior League 1 #ncuj1
15th June
Muckamore II beat Instonians II by 23 runs
Waringstown II beat CSNI II by 4 wickets

16th June
Woodvale II beat CIYMS II by 71 runs (DLS)

Junior League 3 #ncuj3
16th June
BISC II beat Armagh II by 122 runs
CSNI IV v Woodvale III – Match abandoned

Junior League 4 #ncuj4
15th June
BISC III v Dundrum II
Instonians III beat Cooke Collegians II by 47 runs

Junior League 5 #ncuj5
15th June
Bangor III beat Lisburn IV by 4 wickets
Saintfield II beat Waringstown III by 5 wickets

16th June
Cliftonville Academy III beat Instonians IV by 7 wickets
Lisburn IV beat Cregagh III by 6 wickets

Junior League 6 #ncuj6
15th June
CIYMS IV beat Donacloney Mill III by 5 wickets
Derriaghy III beat Lurgan II by 47 runs
Templepatrick III beat Larne II by 10 wickets

16th June
Ards & Donaghadee II beat CIYMS IV by 2 wickets

Junior League 7 #ncuj7
15th June
Victoria II beat Muckamore V by 152 runs
Holywood 1881 II v Ardent Blues II – OFF

16th June
Downpatrick II beat Carrickfergus III by 5 wickets
Dunmurry II beat Muckamore V by 3 wickets

Junior League 8 #ncuj8
15th June
BISC IV beat Ards & Donaghadee III by 37 runs
Cooke Collegians III beat Drumaness Superkings III by 5 wickets

16th June
Ardent Blues III v CSNI V – Match abandoned
BISC IV beat Belfast II by 34 runs
Dunmurry III beat Drumaness Superkings III by 203 runs

Junior League 9 #ncuj9
15th June
Ballymena III v Armagh IV – OFF

16th June
Bangor IV beat Templepatrick IV by 68 runs

Junior League 10 #ncuj10
15th June
Ardent Blues IV beat Belfast Superkings II by 14 runs
Cliftonville Academy IV beat BMACC II by 7 wickets
Dunmurry IV beat Victoria III by 171 runs

Intermediate Cup #ncuic
15th June
CIYMS III beat Bangor II by 7 wickets
Cliftonville Academy II beat Cregagh II by 121 runs
CSNI III beat Donacloney Mill II by 1 run
Lisburn III beat Muckamore III by 8 wickets

Development Cup #ncudc
16th June
BISC V beat Dundrum III by 80 runs

Irish Senior Cup #ccisc
16th June
CIYMS beat Muckamore by 8 wickets (DLS)
Instonians beat CSNI by 65 runs
Waringstown beat Pembroke by 25 runs

Irish National Cup #ccinc
16th June
Ballyspallen beat Laurelvale by 9 wickets
Donacloney Mill beat The Nedd by 7 wickets
Templepatrick beat Fox Lodge by 3 wickets
Strabane beat Derriaghy by 7 wickets

Junior League 11a #ncuj11a
15th June
Cregagh IV beat Cliftonville Academy V by 34 runs

Junior League 11b #ncuj11b
16th June
Bangor V beat Derriaghy IV by 26 runs

Junior League 11c #ncuj11c
14th June
Victoria IV beat Waringstown IV by 3 wickets

Gallagher Women’s Challenge Cup #ncugwcc
16th June
Holywood 1881 beat Muckamore by 8 wickets
Waringstown beat CSNI by 9 wickets

Womens Senior League 1 #ncuwsl1
16th June
Lisburn II v Dundrum – OFF

17th June
Lisburn II beat Holywood 1881 II by 7 wickets

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Ireland v Zimbabwe Test Match At Stormont Announcement

Ireland v Zimbabwe Test Match At Stormont Announcement

The last weekend in July will mark a significant milestone in the history of the Northern Cricket Union when Stormont plays host to a test match.The Ireland v Zimbabwe men's test match will be played at the Belfast venue from 25-29 July 2024 and will become the first...

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Gallagher Challenge Cup Quarter-Finals Roundup

Gallagher Challenge Cup Quarter-Finals Roundup

As the threat of rain subsided, the Gallagher Challenge Cup quarter-finals saw thrilling performances and intense competition, with teams showcasing their skills and determination to secure their places in the prestigious semi-finals. Highlights of the quarter-finals...

Be a good sport with NI Water this World Refill Day

Be a good sport with NI Water this World Refill Day

Ahead of World Refill Day this Sunday, NI Water are calling on all local clubs to be a good sport and join the Refillution! The Northern Cricket Union of Ireland has been so bowled over they are celebrating becoming the latest ambassadors to sign all its members up to...

Club Contacts

The Club Contacts file for 2024 has been added to the site.

As in 2023 due to GDPR concerns the contacts had to be put into a password protected pdf file which can be downloaded from this page:
Club Contacts

Each club secretary was sent the password to this file.

(Note the file was last updated on 3rd June 2024)

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If you would like to become involved with the NCU, in any capacity, then get in contact with the Union’s Cricket Office on

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NCU Rules & Regulations 2024

The NCU Rules & Regulations 2024 booklet has been made available online.

It can be downloaded directly from this link NCU Rules & Regulations 2024 v4 or from the NCU Rules / Regulations / Forms page along with other documents.

Club Information Forms

If you would like to download NCU Supplementary Information Forms (Part a) or (Part b) they can be found on this page:

Rules / Regulations / Forms

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