Under 13 Cup (East) – The Mourne Cup and Plate

Under 13 Cup (East)
The Mourne Cup
Winners 2022: Wallace High School

First Round
Ballymena Academy beat Parkhall Integrated College
Belfast Royal Academy beat Belfast High School
Campbell College ‘B’ beat Antrim Grammar School
Friends’ School Lisburn beat Down High School ‘B’
Grosvenor Grammar beat RBAI ‘B’ by 51 runs
Killicomaine Junior High School beat Carrickfergus Grammar School

Grosvenor Grammar School 113
RBAI ‘B’ 62 (Z Braithwaite 2-7)
Grosvenor Grammar defeated RBAI ‘B’ by 51 runs

Second Round
Ballymena Academy beat Bangor Academy
Bangor Grammar School beat Down High School ‘A’
Friends’ School Lisburn beat Belfast Royal Academy
Grosvenor Grammar School beat Killicomaine Junior High School
Sullivan Upper School beat Methodist College Belfast

Ballyclare High School 69-4
Campbell College ‘A’ 73-3
Campbell College ‘A’ beat Ballyclare High School by 7 wickets

Regent House School 66
Campbell College ‘B’ 68-7
Campbell College ‘B’ beat Regent House School by 3 wickets

Wallace High School 67 (C Keys 3-14, A Doiphode 3-3)
RBAI ‘A’ 72-2 (L Crothers 34*)
RBAI ‘A’ beat Wallace High School by 8 wickets

Friends’ School Lisburn beat Campbell College ‘B’
Grosvenor Grammar School beat Ballymena Academy
RBAI ‘A’ beat Bangor Grammar School
Sullivan Upper School beat Campbell College ‘A’

Sullivan Upper School beat Grosvenor Grammar School

RBAI ‘A’ 110-9 (A Price 54)
Friends’ School Lisburn 60 (A Doiphode 4-5, D Gray 3-7)
RBAI ‘A’ beat Friends’ School Lisburn by 50 runs

Final – Thursday 22nd June at Sullivan
RBAI ‘A’ beat Sullivan Upper School

Under 13 Cup (East)
The Mourne Plate
Winners 2022: Campbell College ‘A’

First Round
Ballyclare High School beat Antrim Grammar School
Belfast High School beat Down High School ‘B’
Methodist College Belfast beat RBAI ‘B’
Parkhall Integrated College bye

Second Round
Down HS ‘A’ beat Ballyclare High School
Methodist College Belfast beat Regent House School
Parkhall Integrated College beat Bangor Academy

Wallace High School 144-7 (J Williams 51ret, A Beattie 2-6, J Wylie 2-22)
Belfast High School 91-7 (E Prior 24, Coleman 2-11)
Wallace High School beat Belfast High School by 53 runs

Methodist College Belfast beat Parkhall Integrated College

Down HS ‘A’ 85-7 (J Williams 4-13)
Wallace High School 86-4 (J Spence 21, J Williams 18)
Wallace High School beat Down HS ‘A’ by 6 wickets

Wallace High School v Methodist College Belfast
Trophy shared after match postponed on Tues 27th & Wed 28th June