Under 12 Cup & Plate (B)

Under 12 Cup (B)
The Wesley Ferris Cup
Winners 2022: Lisneal College

First Round
Limavady Grammar School walkover v Campbell College Junior School
Wallace High School ‘B’ beat Lurgan Junior High School by 5 runs

Second Round
Banbridge Academy beat Belfast High School
Carrickfergus Grammar School walkover v Coleraine Grammar School

Antrim Grammar School 84
Campbell College ‘C’ 86-3
Campbell College ‘C’ beat Antrim Grammar School by 7 wickets

Down High School ‘B’ beat Royal School Armagh

Grosvenor Grammar School 135-4 (Z Braithwaite 61*, D Lipowski 36*)
Bangor Academy 84 (C Murray 2-10, S Reid 2-6)
Grosvenor Grammar School beat Bangor Academy by 51 runs

Limavady Grammar School beat Inchmarlo ‘B’
Lisneal College beat Parkhall Integrated College

Shimna Integrated College 55 (P McGarrell 2-5)
Wallace High School ‘B’ 56-1
Wallace High School ‘B’ beat Shimna Integrated College by 9 wickets

Banbridge Academy beat Wallace High School ‘B’ v

Carrickfergus Grammar School 129-5 (20 overs, E Parkhill 54*)
Down High School ‘B’ 67-7 (20 overs, D Hamilton 2-12)
Carrickfergus Grammar School beat Down High School ‘B’ by 62 runs

Limavady Grammar School beat Grosvenor Grammar School

Campbell College ‘C’ 98-9 (20 overs, R Harper 30, R Montgomery 4-6)
Lisneal College 99-7 (14.2 overs, M Mooney 29*, M Todd 2-6)
Lisneal College beat Campbell College ‘C’ by 3 wickets

Banbridge Academy beat Carrickfergus Grammar School
Limavady Grammar School beat Lisneal College

Banbridge Academy v Limavady Grammar School

Under 12 Plate (B)
Winners 2022: Campbell College ‘C’

K  Shimna Integrated College v Belfast High School

Parkhall Integrated College beat Antrim Grammar School
Bangor Academy beat Inchmarlo ‘B’
Royal School Armagh beat Lurgan Junior High School

O  K v Royal School Armagh
Bangor Academy beat Parkhall Integrated College

Final by Friday 23rd June
O v Bangor Academy


A team losing its first match in the Cup will play the appropriate fellow-loser by the date of the next round in accordance with the Cup draw. This does not apply to a team that fails to fulfil its first fixture. The date and venue of the Final will be by agreement.