NIACUS Umpire Training Courses

Feb 5, 2024 | General News

16 prospective NIACUS umpires completed the Level 1 and 2 umpire training courses on Sunday at Stormont. 


Alan Neill from NIACUS was impressed with the new uptake of umpires,
“Following two very successful umpire training courses several candidates have now gained the necessary knowledge to transition to umpiring.

We hope the candidates will grasp this opportunity and put something back into the sport. From a tutor’s point of view, it was great to have such an enthusiastic group and we look forward to watching their progress in the future”.

With cricket in the region growing and more teams being added each year, it’s great to see an influx of individuals kickstarting their careers as NIACUS umpires.

Visit the official NIACUS website to see how you can become an umpire today.