Shortage of Umpires in NCU Reaching Critical State

Mar 3, 2020 | Uncategorised

Shortage of Umpires in NCU Reaching Critical State

NIACUS / Ian Houston

To all Clubs:

Due to various reasons I have lost several Umpires from last Season and therefore, as I stand at this moment, coverage of games will be vastly reduced in the new Season.

Indeed at this time, I can foresee some weekends when all Section 2 and Section 3 games will not have official Umpires.

Therefore, I am requesting that all Clubs, especially the sixteen who supply none, make an effort to encourage some members of their Club to take up umpiring.

I cannot emphasise enough how serious the shortage of Umpires is for the new Season.  It is certainly the worst position I have been in over the last thirteen years.

Details of our Training Course are on the NCU website (see here).

If anyone needs further information, please contact me on 07889 275548 or by email on

Ian Houston
NIACUS Umpire Appointments Secretary