Clarification of NCU’s 2015 Registration Guidance

Mar 3, 2020 | Uncategorised

Clarification of NCU’s 2015 Registration Guidance

NCU Management Board

In November 2014 the guidance in relation to registration of players for the 2015 season was issued to clubs. Contained within it was specific guidance in relation to players who would be regarded as normally resident in the Union’s area. (see below for reference)

Clubs should note that at the Management Board’s meeting on 19 February it became aware that the guidance issued did not fully cover what had been passed by clubs at the AGM in October 2014 in relation to the restriction of Overseas/Irish Qualified players.

The Management Board would therefore like to clarify to all clubs that for the 2015 season the term ‘the preceding year (ie: at least 183 days)’ relates to the 2014 calendar year only.

Clubs should further note that the Board will further amend  its  guidance as it presently reads prior to issue to clubs for the 2016 season to ensure that no more than two Overseas/Irish Qualified players in the Premier League, one in Senior Leagues 1 and 2 and none in Senior League 3 can be registered to play for any club in the 2016 season. (subject to any further rule change at 2015 AGM)

Andy Clement
Chairman, Northern Cricket Union
Neal Matthews
Director, Domestic Cricket

(3)  Normally resident in the Union’s area
Normally resident means resident for the greater part of the immediately preceding year (ie: at least 183 days).  The Union’s area, as defined in General Rule 1(b) is the North of Ireland (ie: the northern half of the island of Ireland).  This is a geographical definition and does not refer to any particular political or administrative area.