Youth Competitions – Changes to Rules for 2014

Feb 27, 2020 | School's News

Youth Competitions – Changes to Rules for 2014

NCU Youth Competitions Committee

The NCU Youth Competitions Committee has agreed a number of changes to the Youth Competitions Rules for 2014.

Youth Leagues

  • A new rule has been added which provides for the retirement of batsmen on reaching a certain score. The new rule reads:

When a batsman’s score reaches or passes 30 in the Under 11 league (40 in the Under 13 league, 50 in the Under 15 league) he shall retire.
At the fall of the last wicket retired batsmen may resume their innings in the order of retirement.

  • Maximum boundaries of 30 yards (Under 11), 40 yards (Under 13) and 50 yards (Under 15) will now apply.

Cup Competitions

  • Quoile Cup – The age limit is now Under 11 on 1st September. The provision for players at primary school irrespective of age has been removed.
  • Banoge Cup – The maximum boundary has been reduced to 40 yards.
  • Graham Cup – A maximum boundary of 50 yards will apply.
  • Colts Cup – This will be played as a Twenty20 competition and will use the rules for the Twenty20 Trophy and Shield as appropriate.