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Bryan Milford

Clubs will now be aware of the serious shortage of umpires in the Union.

The position is such that the Northern Ireland Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers (NIACUS) will be unable to provide umpires for all senior cricket matches on Saturdays throughout the coming season.

The only place that new umpires can come from is our own clubs.

The Union expects each club therefore to nominate a person(s) to cover six Saturday matches in the coming season.

The nominated individual(s) can if they wish opt to have their match fee credited to their club thereby reducing the club’s umpiring charge for the season.

There will be no requirement for nominated umpires to purchase kit. A white shirt/coat will be sufficient.

Clubs nominating umpires will receive priority in their section if there are insufficient umpires on a particular date.

A short training event for nominated umpires will be held before the start of the season.

Club Secretaries are asked to let me have their nominations together with the Saturday dates they can cover by 15th March 2013.

Bryan Milford
General Secretary