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NCU AGM 2011 – Notices of Motion


Competition Rule F3: replace fourth sentence with: ‘The Premier League shall comprise eight teams.  Each other Section shall comprise ten teams in the Senior League and eight teams in the Junior League, except that the last Section of each League may comprise more or fewer teams, depending upon the total number of teams competing.’
[This would establish an 8 – 10 – 10 – 9 section structure in the Senior League and an eight-team section structure throughout the Junior League.]

Competition Rule F19: amend opening clause to read ‘The team finishing first in Section 1 of the Senior League and the teams finishing first and second in each other Section shall be promoted’.  Amend final sentence to read: ‘If these requirements are not satisfied in respect of any such team, but are satisfied by the team finishing in the next lower position, the latter may be promoted.’
Competition Rule F20: amend opening clause to read ‘The team finishing bottom of the Premier League and the teams finishing bottom and second from bottom in each other Section’.  Delete ‘to the team finishing in bottom place being relegated’ from second sentence.
Delete Competition Rule F22.
[This would provide for the promotion and relegation of one team between the Premier League and Section 1 of the Senior League and two teams between all other adjacent Sections.]

Competition Rule G4: Matches shall be rearranged for the fourth Sunday following the postponement or abandonment, unless the match involves a team that does not play on Sundays, in which case, if the match as rearranged is Match 1, it shall be played on two consecutive nights prior to the fourth Sunday, or, if Match 2, as a weekday match prior to the fourth Sunday.
The teams may agree to play on an earlier date in either case. The Section Secretary may impose an earlier date than that agreed by the clubs where there is an intervening Saturday on which both teams are free and there appears to him to be no good reason why the match should not proceed.
[This would mean that, unless both teams agree otherwise, a postponed or abandoned match involving a team that does not play on Sundays would be rearranged, if Match 1, as a weekday two-night match or, if Match 2, as an evening match on a weekday.]

Competition Rule G10: delete ‘the Premier League or Section 1 of‘
[This would extend the use of Duckworth/Lewis to all Senior League matches.]

Competition Rule G16: replace ‘three’ with ‘two’.
Competition Rule G23: change heading from ‘Three-night matches’ to ‘Two-night matches’.
Competition Rule G25: amend to read ‘If, as a result of play being suspended on the first night of a two-night match, more than 50 overs remain to be bowled on the second night, the maximum available overs for both innings shall be 50, plus the number of overs already bowled, rounded down to an even number.’
[This would replace three-night matches with two-night matches.]

Competition Rule G29: add at end ‘Alternatively, where the match has been rearranged for a Saturday, Sunday, Bank or Public Holiday, the teams may agree up to 48 hours before the fixture that the maximum duration of each innings shall be 50 overs.  In such circumstances, the hours of play shall be as in G13 & G15 above.’
[This would permit teams to agree to play a Match 2 as a 50-over a side match on a Saturday, Sunday, Bank or Public Holiday up to 48 hours before the match is due to be played.]

General Rule 3(c): replace £2 with £3.
[This would increase the registration fee payable in respect of adult players from £2 to £3.  It is estimated that this would raise an additional £2,000 per year.]

SERIAL 8 – Proposed by Forward Planning Directorate
General Rule 4(b): replace second clause with ‘save that neither the President nor the Chairman may serve for more than two years consecutively’.
[This would formalise the maximum two-year term of office for the President.]

Competition Rule A8: add at end ‘The Registrations Committee may allow a replacement player to be registered on a later date where it is satisfied that the player originally registered has become unavailable as a result of serious injury or international selection by his home country.’
[This would permit the registration after 15th May of a replacement for an overseas player who has become unavailable as a result of serious injury or international selection.]

Competition Rule B13: replace ‘the home team (the winning team in the case of a final)’ with ‘the winning team (the home team where no result has been obtained)’.
[This would transfer responsibility for submitting a result form in respect of a completed cup match from the home team to the winning team.]

Competition Rule D6: in the first sentence, after ‘match’ insert ‘up to and including a semi-final’.
Add new rule D7: ‘In the final, where the first innings of a match is delayed or interrupted by ground or weather conditions, the number of overs available to each side shall be reduced by one for each full eight minutes of playing time lost after the designated starting time, where the aggregate time lost exceeds 30 minutes.  If play starts earlier, the 30-minute allowance shall be increased by the actual time played before the designated starting time.  From the end of the first innings, a further deduction of one over shall be made for each full four minutes of playing time lost.  No deduction shall be made until the allowance for any early start and the 30-minute allowance have been exhausted.  The number of overs shall not be reduced below 20 overs per side.  The Duckworth/Lewis method shall be used to determine the result of a final in which overs are lost after the start of either innings.
Competition Rule D8: after ‘both teams’ insert ‘(or a delayed or interrupted final where the overs are reduced for both teams, or for the team bowling second)’ add at end ‘(unless the bowler had already done so before the interruption)’.
[This would allow Duckworth/Lewis to be used in a weather-affected Junior Cup Final.]

SERIAL 12 – Proposed by Competitions Directorate
Competition Rule F5: replace ‘the last Saturday or Sunday in September, whichever be the later’ with ‘the third Sunday in September’.
[This would bring forward the last date on which league matches may be played to the third Sunday in September.]

Competition Rule F7: in second sentence, after ‘In addition, it shall’, add ‘lose a further four league points from the second match forfeited onwards,’
Delete Competition Rule F8.
[This would impose the loss of four league points as a penalty for each failure to fulfil a fixture from the second match forfeited onwards, in place of automatic relegation after four such failures.]

Competition Rules G5 and G6: replace ‘three’ and ‘third’ with ‘four’ and ‘fourth’.
[This would allow an additional day for the notification of a rearrangement in the Senior League and Junior League 1.]

Competition Rule H6: delete first sentence and insert ‘The clubs concerned shall rearrange any Match 1 postponed or abandoned up to 31st August.  They may agree not to rearrange any such match postponed or abandoned after that date’.
[This would permit teams in Junior League 2 and below not to rearrange September fixtures that are abandoned, if they both agree.]

SERIAL 16 – Proposed by Dundrum CC
Competition Rule H1: add new sub-section (c) the first rearrangement of the first scheduled fixture between the teams, where the latter has been postponed because of ground or weather conditions.
[This would make a rearranged first fixture between any two teams in Junior leagues 2 and below a Match 1 rather than a Match 2 where it has been postponed because of ground or weather conditions.]