Northern Ireland – Asda Kwik Cricket Launch 2012

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Northern Ireland – Asda Kwik Cricket Launch 2012

David Morton – NCU Public Relations Officer

Northern Cricket Union's Cricket Development Officer, Nigel Jones with some of the young cricketers at the launch of Asda Kwik CricketThis year’s Asda Kwik Cricket Launch was held on Monday 21st May and hosted under sunny skies by Orangefield Primary School, East Belfast – with over 50 young Cricketers in attendance.

The launch was led by current & ex-Irish Cricket Internationals Nigel Jones & Ryan Eagleson, with the day consisting of Kwik Cricket skill sessions and a demonstration Kwik Cricket game involving the best young cricketers at Orangefield Primary.

Asda very kindly supplied catering for all players and coaches, with local Asda staff also in attendance.

Current Irish Cricket International and Northern Cricket Unions Cricket Development Officer, Nigel Jones said about Asda’s on-going support:  “Their (Asda) involvement once again is crucial in the development of grass roots cricket here in Northern Ireland.

This type of face to face and financial support at the early stages of player development is what helps to encourage young kids to take part and have fun.  For coaches it is really the beginning of identifying young talent and without the backing of such a supportive sponsor the resources and opportunities would be somewhat limited, not only here in Northern Ireland but across the UK, so big thanks must go to Asda once again for their continued involvement in helping to further develop our great game at grass roots level.”

Action at the Asda Kwik Cricket launch at Orangefield PrimaryThis year’s Northern Ireland Asda Kwik Cricket Finals takes place over two days, Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th June at the Civil Service North of Ireland Cricket Grounds, Stormont Estate, Belfast.

For the first time ever here in Northern Ireland, a Girls only Kwik Cricket Finals day will take place on Wednesday the 6th June two days before the main event on Friday 8th June. The main Asda Kwik Cricket Finals on Friday 8th June will involve over 150 young cricketers taking part.

This will be another huge step in further developing the game here in Northern Ireland.

For any further information regarding the Northern Ireland Asda Kwik Cricket Finals Day(s), please contact Nigel Jones, Northern Cricket Union Cricket Development Officer on either or 078 7941 6121.