NCU Board hold business planning seminar

Feb 21, 2020 | Uncategorised

NCU Board hold business planning seminar

David Morton

The Northern Cricket Union’s Management Board have held a business planning seminar where they looked at developing and prioritising the work of the Board Members of the NCU Board who attended the business planning afternoonand it’s Directorates over the coming years.

The current NCU structures have been in place since 2005 and have served the union well. With the union now drafting a new Development Plan the NCU’s Chairman Brian Walsh felt that to assist in deciding on the future direction and structure of the union, a review was necessary.

The event was led by Robin Gregg, Sport NI, who took the Board through a series of group planning and evaluation sessions to help develop the requirements for the future.

With the upcoming Inter-Provincial cricket series adding an extra dimension to the NCU, the away day allowed the Board to re-prioritise its workload and look at how this can be incorporated within a new Board structure.

Brian said: ‘‘I feel that the union has served our clubs well in recent years and we have made a big effort to consult clubs before introducing change. We have a new challenge with the restarting of the Inter-Provincial series but we are determined not to lose sight of our domestic leagues and the needs of our clubs’’.