Dunmurry Cricket Club Square Vandalised

Feb 21, 2020 | Uncategorised

Dunmurry Cricket Club Square Vandalised

Gavin Irwin

Dunmurry CC VandalismThe NCU has been informed by officials at Dunmurry Cricket Club that the square at McComb Park has been vandalised.  A fire was set on the square on Monday night (28th July) which is the latest incident in a prolonged and sustained campaign against one of our member clubs.

Over the past number of years, Dunmurry Cricket Club has fought hard to stay in existence in spite of numerous acts of vandalism.  At least five major break-ins have led to the clubhouse and changing facilities being abandoned – the building is completely unusable given the damage caused.  It is estimated that the repair bill to make the building safe to use again would run to tens of thousands of pounds.  The club is reliant on its neighbours, Dunmurry Rec FC, to fulfil home fixtures by letting the cricketers use its changing facilities.

In other attacks, arsonists have destroyed an outfield mower; practice nets, sightscreens and covers have been destroyed; and the pitch has been damaged through the scattering of broken bottles / glass, fires set, corrosive liquid poured on to playing surface, motorbikes ridden on the pitch and cars driven onto pitch.

While this latest incident has damaged one pitch, players and officials at Dunmurry Cricket Club are determined to keep fighting to ensure cricket survives.  It is a cross community club with Protestants, Catholics and ethnic minorities (Indian community) playing alongside each other and provides a valuable service to the local community.  Dunmurry intends to play its final two home fixtures at McComb Park using other pitches on the square.