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by Clarence Hiles

This new book will go to print in October and will be available for sale at the end of the same month. In addition to being a collector’s item for local cricket enthusiasts it could be a popular Christmas present for anyone who has any connection with the “Senior Cup” past or present”.

The book will be 552 pages in size and will cover every cup competition and details of every match. Each season has been chronicled from start to finish with abbreviated scorecards for each round and the complete cup final scorecard. Almost every year includes a cup-winning team photograph and in addition, some excellent material has been unearthed from tedious research in local newspapers.

The book is a serious study of a unique competition that has been the heartbeat of the development of NCU cricket and it embraces everyone and anyone who played a part in this fascinating story. The study has been completed in time to coincide with the 125th Anniversary of the Union and the book has been dedicated to the Officers of the Union, who have contributed so much to the welfare of cricket during that time.

The cost of the book will be 20 pounds and we need to sell 300 copies to break even. The book will only be available through our connections and will not be retailed though newsagents because of prohibitive costs. If there is a surplus it will go to a worthy cricket cause.

Right now we need support from people in cricket and for that reason I am appealing for orders from clubs and cricket people with commercial interests to help us in this enterprise. We are looking for orders of five and more books and in return the copies will be signed and delivered to you and your club/company will be included in a special page of thanks to Patrons who have supported the publication.

I understand for businesses the expense may be tax deductible! This is a one-off publication with a serious historical content and the book will be a limited issue of 500 copies.

Details of how you can support us are as follows.

Please send an email to me at with the following information;

    • Your club or company name:


    • Contact person:


    • Number of books you are ordering:


    • Who to Invoice:


    • Where to deliver:


Your support is very much appreciated.

Clarence Hiles wrote “the History of Senior Cricket in Ulster” in 2003 and has been the Editor of the Ulster Cricketer since 1985.
He has written a number of articles on sport, finance and real estate in the Caribbean and is a director of Hiltop Publications.