NCU Senior Cricket Working Group

Feb 19, 2020 | Uncategorised

NCU Senior Cricket Working Group


The NCU have formed a Working Group who has met to discuss the main issues relating to senior cricket in the NCU.

This follows the Junior Working Group last year and, following more meetings of the Senior Group, the NCU will visit clubs with Road-shows to determine the opinions of all clubs.

The purpose of the group is to gauge the feeling of clubs from each section of NCU cricket.

Seventeen clubs are represented on the group and their representatives met with senior members of the NCU and the Cricket Development Board.

The main areas identified and discussed at the first meeting were:

  • • Top sixteen clubs playing in two sections of eight
    • Both sections to play under the same regulations
    • Discussion on coloured clothing for all cricket
    • 1 up and down between the top two sections
    • The possibility of open leagues, up to but not including the two Premier Leagues
    • Start time of 11.00am
    • Discussed a draft fixture list for 2012
    • More consideration to be given to rearrangements policy
    • Duckworth / Lewis to apply to all senior leagues
    • Structures below Premier League: 8 & 13 or 10 & 11
    • Bottom section clubs interested in 40/45 over fixtures
    • Consideration of 16 Premier League clubs contesting Challenge Cup and a new ‘Senior Cup’ for remaining senior clubs.
    • Considered need to address the issue of clubs not playing on Sundays.

The date of the next meeting of the Senior Task Force is 19th July and the NCU are happy to hear any constructive ideas/opinions prior to that (contact Brian Walsh, Andy Clement or Bryan Millford).

The NCU also intend to have an open meeting with clubs in August to try to reach a concensus so that Notices of Motion can be formulated for the NCU AGM.