ICC Europe Groundsman Association

Feb 19, 2020 | Uncategorised

ICC Europe Groundsman Association

ICC Europe

In 2010 ICC Europe launched the ICC European Groundsman Association. Membership levels have been increasing; however ICC Europe are constantly looking for more people to join.

The aim and objectives of the Association are based around three areas:

Education – ICC Europe are currently working with a leading Educational Provider in the UK. At the moment we are developing a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines our roles and partnership. We are hoping to send out a formal media release over the next couple months.

Communication – Communication is an essential aspect and we hope that the Association will bring people together to share ideas and views. ICC Europe would be interested in starting a Facebook page so that people can share views and ideas.

Resources – ICC Europe are aiming to develop resources which will educate and support all ground staff.

Below is the web address for the ICC Europe Website (Groundsman Section); please keep visiting the site as new information is uploaded all the time.

For more information please contact Chris Porter, ICC Europe Regional Development Officer on or 020 7616 8759, or Tim Simmonite, Cricket Ireland National Development Manager on or 028 9076 5619.