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Charlie Beverland Under 11 Leagues 2022 (sponsored by Norman Shannon & Co., Solicitors)

Premier Division - Winners 2021: Instonians A
Division 1 - Winners 2021: Lisburn

E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.

Premier Division - Competition Secretary: Steven Dyer (M) 07788 105525 (E)
W/E 3rd June
CSNI v North Down
Instonians v Holywood

W/E 10th June
Bangor v Instonians
Holywood v CSNI

W/E 24th June
CSNI v Bangor
North Down v Holywood

W/E 1st July
Holywood v Bangor
Instonians v North Down

W/E 29th July
Bangor v North Down
CSNI v Instonians

                   Played   Won   Tied   Lost   NR/V  Points
Bangor A              0      0      0      0      0      0
CSNI A                0      0      0      0      0      0
Holywood A            0      0      0      0      0      0
Instonians A          0      0      0      0      0      0
North Down A          0      0      0      0      0      0
Semi Finals by W/E 5th August
A  1 v 4
B  2 v 3

Final by W/E 12th August
A v B
Division 1 - Competition Secretary: Alan McIlwaine (M) 07817 359880 (E)
U11 Division 1A
W/E 3rd June
Instonians B v Ballymena
Muckamore v Carrickfergus
Templepatrick A v Cliftonville Academy

W/E 10th June
Ballymena v Templepatrick A
Carrickfergus v Instonians B
Cliftonville Academy v Muckamore

W/E 17th June
Ballymena v Cliftonville Academy
Instonians B v Muckamore 
Templepatrick A v Carrickfergus

W/E 24th June
Carrickfergus v Ballymena
Instonians B v Cliftonville Academy
Templepatrick v Muckamore

W/E 1st July
Cliftonville Academy v Carrickfergus
Instonians B v Templepatrick A
Muckamore v Ballymena

U11 Division 1B
W/E 3rd June
CIYMS v Armagh
Derriaghy A v Waringstown
Lisburn v Donacloney Mill

W/E 10th June
Armagh v Lisburn
Donacloney Mill v Derriaghy A
Waringstown v CIYMS

W/E 17th June
Derriaghy A v Armagh
Donacloney Mill v Waringstown
Lisburn v CIYMS

W/E 24th June
CIYMS v Donacloney Mill
Derriaghy v Lisburn
Waringstown v Armagh

W/E 1st July
Armagh v Donacloney Mill
CIYMS v Derriaghy
Lisburn v Waringstown

U11 Division 1C
W/E 3rd June
Bangor B v Instonians C
CSNI B v Saintfield
Holywood B v North Down B

W/E 10th June
CSNI B v Instonians C
North Down B v Bangor B
Saintfield v Holywood B

W/E 17th June
Bangor B v CSNI B
Instonians C v Holywood B
North Down B v Saintfield

W/E 24th June
Holywood B v CSNI B
Instonians C v North Down B
Saintfield v Bangor B

W/E 1st July
Bangor B v Holywood B
CSNI B v North Down B
Saintfield v Instonians C

U11 Division 1D
W/E 27th May
Holywood D v Cregagh
Lurgan v Holywood C
Templepatrick B v Woodvale

W/E 3rd June
Cregagh v Lurgan
Derriaghy B v Templepatrick B
Woodvale v Holywood D

W/E 10th June
Holywood C v Cregagh
Holywood D v Derriaghy B
Lurgan v Woodvale

W/E 17th June
Holywood C v Woodvale
Holywood D v Templepatrick B
Lurgan v Derriaghy B

W/E 24th June
Derriaghy B v Holywood C
Templepatrick v Lurgan
Woodvale v Cregagh

W/E 1st July
Cregagh v Derriaghy B
Holywood C v Templepatrick
Lurgan v Holywood D

W/E 8th July
Derriaghy B v Woodvale
Holywood D v Holywood C
Templepatrick v Cregagh

W/E 29th July – Quarter Finals
1  Winner of Group A v Runner Up Group C (Home Semi Final)
2  Winner of Group B v Runner Up Group D
3  Winner of Group C v Runner up Group B (Home Semi Final)
4  Winner of Group D v Runner up Group A

Semi Finals W/E 5th August
1 v 2
3 v 4

Final W/E 12th August

(All matches must be completed by the 12th August)