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The Ferguson Grainger Cup
Winners 2017: RBAI

Honorary Competition Secretary: Kyle McCallan (M) 078 7068 3061 (e)

1st Round (by 25th April)
    Bangor Grammar School 32-0 beat Lurgan College 31 by 10 wickets
    Campbell College 144-7 (J Bonner 24, H Minford 22, M Foster 2-36)
    Regent House 82 (M Foster 26, C McCullough 4-14, J Shaw 3-2)
    Campbell College beat Regent House by 62 runs
    Carrickfergus Grammar School 97 (S Gardner 47, J Buchanon-Rolleston 3-5)
    Belfast High School 91 (B Buchanon-Rolleston 34, A Crook 2-11)
    Carrickfergus Grammar School beat Belfast High School by 6 runs
    Antrim Grammar School 45 (M Neill 5-6, P McCreery 3-6)
    Grosvenor Grammar School 46-0 (A Nelson 27no, S Kareer 12no)
    Grosvenor Grammar School beat Antrim Grammar School by 10 wickets
    Limavady Grammar School 142-6 (G Kennedy 44, J Martin 25, R Millar 23, E McGee 2-23)
    RBAI 2nd XI 101 (C Johnstone 43, J Martin 4-21, R Millar 2-18, A Scott 2-17)
    Limavady Grammar School beat RBAI 2nd XI by 41 runs
    Strabane Academy 46-1 beat Royal School Armagh 45-4 by 9 wickets
    Sullivan Upper School tied with Down High School - Down High School win by fewer wickets lost
Second Round (by 9th May)
    Down High School 52 (H Warke 4-24, O Parkes 2-9, M Burton 2-3)
    Belfast Royal Academy 148-4 (M Burton 68, L Johnston 32)
    Belfast Royal Academy beat Down High School by 96 runs
    Coleraine Grammar School 139-6 (M Poskitt 42, R Moore 39)
    Carrickfergus Grammar School 87 (V Chopra 2-17, M Clarke 2-4, J Downey 2-15)
    Coleraine Grammar School beat Carrickfergus Grammar School by 52 runs
    Campbell College 31 (C Knight 3-7, W Finlay 3-6, E Stanley 2-10)
    Foyle College 35-1 (K Magee 18no, A Doherty 15no)
    Foyle College beat Campbell College by 9 wickets
    Limavady Grammar School (J Martin 34, G Kennedy 33, T Orr 33, J McClean 3-27)
    Ballymena Academy (J McClean 43, O Dick 34, R Millar 4-20
    Limavady Grammar School beat Ballymena Academy by 23 runs
    Grosvenor Grammar School 119-4 (P McConigle 65no)
    Methodist College Belfast 120-6 (J Hunter 52no, P McCreery 2-10)
    Methodist College Belfast beat Grosvenor Grammar School by 6 wickets
    Bangor Grammar School 43 (N Armstrong 3-4, B Rose 2-9, H Ellerby 2-3)
    RBAI 44-1 (B Rose 28no)
    RBAI beat Bangor Grammar School by 9 wickets
    Ballyclare High School 96 (J McIntyre 6-19 inc hat trick)
    Strabane Academy 149-9 (McColgan 39, Neill 34)
    Strabane Academy beat Ballyclare High School by 53 runs
    Friends' School, Lisburn 96 (M Waite 5-17, Na Doak 2-22)
    Wallace High School 97-5 (N Doak 29)
    Wallace High School beat Friends' School, Lisburn by 5 wickets
Quarter Finals (by 23rd May)
    Belfast Royal Academy 171 (Burton 54, Moffett 34)
    Wallace High School 97 (S Cardosi 34, H Warke 3-30, Greenlees 3-12)
    Belfast Royal Academy beat Wallace High School by 74 runs
    RBAI 225-6 (J Waite 112no, B Rose 39, J Metcalfe 35)
    Coleraine Grammar School 110 (M Poskett 52, E Scott 6-18)
    RBAI beat Coleraine Grammar School by 115 runs
    Limavady  Grammar School 189-4 (G Kennedy 104no, R McLaughlin 38no, M McCluskey 2-25)
    Foyle College 189-8 (G Kennedy 2-21, R Millar 3-30)
    Limavady Grammar School beat Foyle College by fewer wickets lost
    Methodist College Belfast beat Strabane Academy on the toss of a coin
Semi Finals (by 2nd June)
    Limavady GS v RBAI (Monday 4th June)
    Methodist College Belfast 151-8 (J Hunter 32, A Reid 30, M Humphreys 20)
    Belfast Royal Academy 134 (M Burton 64, J Hunter 3-?)
    Methodist College Belfast beat Belfast Royal Academy by 17 runs
Final at Moylena, Muckamore CC on 15th June
    Methodist College Belfast v Limavady GS/RBAI