Be a good sport with NI Water this World Refill Day

Jun 14, 2024 | General News

Ahead of World Refill Day this Sunday, NI Water are calling on all local clubs to be a good sport and join the Refillution!

The Northern Cricket Union of Ireland has been so bowled over they are celebrating becoming the latest ambassadors to sign all its members up to NI Water’s Refillution campaign.

NI Water’s Refillution campaign was launched in 2019 to combat single use plastics and reduce their impact on our environment and marine life. Since its launch five years ago, NI Water has distributed over 14,000 reusable water bottles to local sports clubs with everyone taking NI Water’s Plastic Promise Pledge to always refill from the tap, always use a reusable bottle and to always carry a reusable bottle.

NI Water Education Officer Anna Killen commented: “On this World Refill Day we are encouraging everyone to join NI Water’s Refillution campaign to stop buying single use plastic bottles and instead refill a reusable bottle with tap water. The water industry has a strong focus on the environment and NI Water is committed to tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles which block up our drains and pollute our rivers and seas. By switching to a reusable bottle, we can really make a positive contribution together to help reduce plastic waste and protect nature.”

Patrick Grimes, NCU Chief Executive said: “The Northern Cricket Union of Ireland are delighted to be partnering with NI Water on the 5-year anniversary of their Refillution campaign. In a sport that is heavily reliant on a stable climate, we want to play our part in caring for the natural environment and green spaces that we operate in, as well as supporting our clubs and players to make more environmentally friendly choices.

Rachael Thomas, NCU Senior Player and Board Member, Lucas Marshall, Schools Cricket representative, Paddy Grimes, NCU CEO, Katie West, CSNI junior club member and Anna Killen, Education Officer NI Water.

Our partnership with NI Water will allow us to reduce plastic waste by providing reusable water bottles to all players across the NCU, as well as offering clubs water butts to support with rainwater collection around the grounds. This partnership marks a significant step in the NCU’s sustainability journey, and we look forward to further developing our climate action plan and playing our part in securing a more sustainable future for sport in Northern Ireland.”

Sports Clubs across Northern Ireland can sign up to NI Water’s Refillution campaign and claim free reusable bottles by emailing or find out more at