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NCU Junior League 6 - 2017 (#ncuj6)
                    P    W    T    L  NR/V  Pts
CSNI V              3    3    0    0    0   12
Carrickfergus IV    3    2    0    1    0    8
Newforge II         3    2    0    1    0    8
CSNI IV             4    2    0    2    0    8
Donaghadee II       4    2    0    2    0    8
Waringstown IV      2    1    0    1    0    4
Dundrum II          3    1    0    2    0    4
Victoria II         3    0    0    3    0    0

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Winners 2016: Derriaghy III
Armagh III / Muckamore IV

Section Secretary: Adrian Campbell
(H) 3833 6121
(M) 07715 322302

28th May
CSNI IV 174-7 (S Smyth 67, M Pollard 27, M Neill 20)
Donaghadee II 175-3 (R Martin 52no, W Martin 49, G Cunningham 20, F Gilroy 20)
Donaghadee II beat CSNI IV by 7 wickets

Dundrum II 122
Waringstown IV 123-2
Waringstown IV beat Dundrum II by 8 wickets

27th May
Victoria II 119-9 (B Johnston 21, C Boomer 32, M Smyth 3-2, P FItzsimmons 2-34, C Elliott 2-14)
CSNI V 122-0 (J Gibson 77no, A Cowan 34no)
CSNI V beat Victoria II by 10 wickets

21st May
Dundrum II 173-8 (S Symington 70, S Campbell 31, G Lowey 15, Usman 2-26, Sajil 2-31)
Newforge II 84 (Abbin 11, Usman 11, Sreejesh 11, S Campbell 2-18, G Lowey 5-29)
Dundrum II beat Newforge II by 89 Runs

Waringstown IV v Carrickfergus IV - postponed

20th May
Donaghadee II beat Victoria II - Victoria II unable to field a team

14th May
Carrickfergus IV 71 (S Gardner 29, G Armstrong 16, J Neill 4-23, C Elliot 2-9, M Neill 2-19)
CSNI V 72-0 (S Smyth 45no, A Cowan 19no)
CSNI V beat Carrickfergus IV by 10 wickets

13th May
CSNI IV 163-9 (I Philips 62no, J Neill 22, D Morton 17, G Lowey 3-24, A Campbell 3-27)
Dundrum II 131 (G Hurley 44, G Lowey 47, L Lowry 4-31, J Neill 3-40)
CSNI IV beat Dundrum II by 32 runs

7th May
CSNI IV beat Waringstown IV by 2 wickets

Newforge II 238-8 (Rinu 45, Sreejesh 50, Chavara 52no, C Malcolm 2-45, M McLawrence 2-20, W Martin 2-38)
Donaghadee II 141-8 (W Martin 20, B McLawrence 29no, A Bell 37, Roshimon 2-28, Sunil 3-34, Nithin 2-13)
Newforge II beat Donaghadee II by 97 runs

6th May
Victoria II 119-7 (C Boomer 37, C McClurkin 2-8, J Boggs 2-24, G Graham 2-24)
Carrickfergus IV 120-3 (G Graham 92no, J Irwin 2-33)
Carrickfergus IV beat Victoria II by 7 wickets

30th April
Donaghadee II 71 (W Martin 29, A Leckey 2-12, M Smyth 3-15, J Neill 3-8
CSNI V 74-5 (K Gibson 22, A Cowan 35, A Bell 3-13)
CSNI V beat Donaghadee II by 5 wickets

29th April
CSNI IV 104 (M Pollard 22no, PT Aston 3-20, G Armstrong 4-13)
Carrickfergus IV 106-4 (M Campbell 24, C McClurkin 25, M Pollard 2-25)
Carrickfergus IV beat CSNI IV by 6 wickets

Victoria II 47 (Sreejesh 2-9, Gopal 2-9, Nithin 2-11)
Newforge II 53-1 (Joby 28) 
Newforge II beat Victoria II by 9 wickets

4th June
Donaghadee II	 v Carrickfergus IV

10th June
Carrickfergus IV v CSNI V

11th June
Dundrum II	 v Newforge II
Waringstown IV	 v CSNI V

17th June
CSNI IV		 v Victoria II

18th June
Donaghadee II	 v CSNI IV
Newforge II	 v Carrickfergus IV

20th/21st June
Victoria II	 v Waringstown IV

24th June
CSNI V		 v Dundrum II

25th June
Carrickfergus IV v Waringstown IV
Dundrum II	 v CSNI IV

1st July
Dundrum II	 v Victoria II

2nd July
Newforge II	 v CSNI V
Waringstown IV	 v Dundrum II

8th July
Newforge II	 v Victoria II

9th July
Carrickfergus IV v CSNI IV
Dundrum II	 v Donaghadee II

15th July
CSNI IV		 v Waringstown IV

16th July
Carrickfergus IV v Donaghadee II
CSNI IV		 v Newforge II

22nd July
Carrickfergus IV v Newforge II
Victoria II	 v CSNI V

23rd July
Donaghadee II	 v Waringstown IV

25th/26th July
Waringstown IV	 v Victoria II

29th July
CSNI V		 v Waringstown IV

30th July
Carrickfergus IV v Dundrum II
Newforge II	 v Donaghadee II

5th August
Dundrum II	 v CSNI V
Victoria II	 v Donaghadee II

6th August
CSNI V		 v Newforge II

12th August
Carrickfergus IV v Victoria II
Donaghadee II	 v CSNI V

13th August
Newforge II	 v CSNI IV

19th August
Victoria II	 v CSNI IV

20th August
Newforge II	 v Waringstown IV

27th August
Dundrum II	 v Carrickfergus IV
Waringstown IV	 v Newforge II

2nd September
Victoria II	 v Dundrum II

3rd September
Waringstown IV	 v Donaghadee II

10th September 
Donaghadee II	 v Dundrum II