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NCU Midweek League Fixtures 2016

11th May
Group A
Botanic		v CSNI
Holywood	v Knight Watchmen
Muckamore	v Donaghcloney
PSNI		v Waringstown

18th May
Group A
Armagh		v Botanic
Knight Watchmen	v Muckamore
Waringstown	v Holywood

Group B
Allstate	v Carrickfergus
Cliftonville	v Muckamore Casuals
Grosvenor	v Academy
Instonians	v Larne

25th May
Group A
Donaghcloney	v Knight Watchmen
Holywood	v CSNI
Muckamore	v Waringstown
PSNI		v Armagh

Group B
Allstate	v Instonians
Carrickfergus	v Cliftonville
Larne		v Grosvenor
Muckamore Casuals v Academy

1st June
Group A
Armagh		v Holywood
Botanic		v PSNI
CSNI		v Muckamore
Waringstown	v Donaghcloney

Group B
Academy		v Larne
Cliftonville	v Instonians
Grosvenor	v Allstate
Muckamore Casuals v Carrickfergus

8th June
Group A
Armagh		v Muckamore
Botanic		v Holywood
CSNI		v Donaghcloney
Waringstown	v Knight Watchmen

Group B
Allstate	v Larne
Carrickfergus	v Academy
Cliftonville	v Grosvenor
Instonians 	v Muckamore Casuals

15th June
Group A
Donaghcloney	v Armagh
Holywood	v PSNI
Knight Watchmen	v CSNI
Muckamore	v Botanic

Group B
Academy		v Allstate
Carrickfergus	v Instonians
Larne		v Cliftonville
Muckamore Casuals v Grosvenor
22nd June
Group A
CSNI		v Waringstown
Donaghcloney	v Botanic
Knight Watchmen	v Armagh
PSNI		v Muckamore

Group B
Cliftonville	v Allstate
Grosvenor	v Carrickfergus
Instonians	v Academy
Larne		v Muckamore Casuals

29th June
Group A
Donaghcloney	v PSNI
Knight Watchmen	v Botanic
Muckamore	v Holywood
Waringstown	v Armagh

Group B
Academy		v Cliftonville
Allstate	v Muckamore Casuals
Carrickfergus	v Larne
Instonians	v Grosvenor

6th July
Group A
Armagh		v CSNI
Botanic		v Waringstown
Holywood	v Donaghcloney
PSNI		v Knight Watchmen	

All group matches to be completed by 20th July.

Semi-Finals 27th July
Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B
Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A

Final 3rd August